Tuesday, January 1, 2008


What a dream for the first night of the new year. I was walking along the boardwalk watching all the people on rafts in the ocean--they were swimming and relaxing. The water was very clear and I could see about 20 - 25 sharks under the water. I remember thinking how crazy those people were to be in the water. So, I decide to go swimming. Duh. I saw a big shark go to the edge of the pool...it went from ocean to pool in my dream...and it was kind of out of the water--the top half of it's body anyway. So, I swam over to the side, put my feet against the wall and propelled backwards attracting the shark's attention. The shark came after me and bit my thumb. I hit it on the nose and he let go. The shark had degloved my thumb. I thought to myself how I needed to be seen by a doctor. I could actually slip the skin of my thumb off and slide it back on again. It was pretty disgusting yet amusing. I can remember being at the doctor's office having an appointment at 4pm and 5pm. It was almost 5pm and I asked the doctor when I was to be seen and they said sorry they were not able to see me. I got ticked off and told two people in the waiting room not to waste their time as they would not be seen either. I left.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dream Trilogy

I was driving in front of a grocery store looking for a parking space when I noticed a man running over to a woman who was obviously going to pass out. I stopped the car and ran over to the woman only to realize she is one of the nurses I work with. She had vomited all over the place and was laying on her back in and out of consciousness. I ran into the store yelling for her husband and mine and yelling for someone to call 911. I ran back out to her and was waiting for help when I realized she had vomited some ice cubes. So I grabbed one and placed it on her neck to cool her off.

I ate some blueberry yogurt and threw the spoon in a trashcan. It wasn't a plastic spoon so I had to reach into the trashcan and get it out.

I was in the back lot of a shopping center driving my husband's truck. I was driving it backwards and thinking how I should pull into this bigger space so I could turn around and drive forward. But I didn't. As I am driving backwards, I see a vehicle--like a work truck--and it was parked near a sharp turn in the parking lot so I was maneuvering the truck carefully but I hit the work truck anyway. My husband's truck was destroyed. The air bags deployed, the roof was caved in, the back of the truck caved in also pinning me against the steering wheel. I was entrapped in the truck for like 10 minutes. Not in pain, just stuck. I saw a man walking and yelled for help. He came over and helped me out. I remember thinking OMG how am I going to tell Lars about his truck?? Maybe he wouldn't notice!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dead birdie

I went to a pet store/vet because my green parakeet was sick. The vet told me I needed special medicine for my bird and I would need to make sure the parakeet got it at certain times of the day. While I was browsing the pet store, my parakeet climbed to the top of a cage and was just sitting there. I bought some things and left. Not sure where I made it to when I realized I forgot my bird at the store/vet. I went back and the owner told me my birdie died 10 minutes after I left. My bird could not handle the stress of me leaving on top of being sick. ugh.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Video Game

I was in a big dark room playing a shooting game on a huge screen. There were two guys playing, well, they thought they were playing, but it was really me shooting what was on screen. I was doing really good, and then all the sudden it was them playing, not me. So I left to get either coffee or a beer.

Friday, December 7, 2007


I remember sitting at a bar with a corona--no lime. There was a guy sitting to my left kind of bothering me but I am not sure how. He was telling me he needed another drink although his beer was half full...or half empty for you freudians. I suggested we race finishing our drinks...I started to drink mine but nothing was coming out...then a chunk did and my beer flowed fine after the chunk. ok...ewww! I won...then it was time to go shopping with some girlfriends from work who were there with me. As I am going to the car, I got hit on the back of my head. I turned around and my Dad was there saying he had just come from my CEO's office regarding a complaint about me. I remember seeing the papers with my Dad's signature on them and the bottom stated that the complaint against me was unfounded. I explained to Dad that my performance at work was not up to par but it was because family came first and my brother was having some issues that I was helping him deal with. I also remember my friends and I decided to take my vehicle because the car they had was a convertible and it was freezing outside and they had a portable heater/humidifier that looked like a desk lamp attached to the front seat that only blew warm air on the front seat occupants. My car was filled with bags of things...maybe for the Salvation Army. On a side note, at the bar, I remember people playing pool behind me and I remember looking for a trash can when it was time to leave.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Porcupine Dream

I was sitting on the couch, remote in hand. My sister was sitting next to me talking on her cellphone. Out of the corner of my eye I saw an animal come out from behind the TV stand...I thought it was a rather large rat, but it turned out to be a porcupine. I "coaxed" it to follow me to the sunroom so I could get it to go out the sliding glass door...as I have had training on coaxing porcupines...and it followed me. When we got to the door I tried pushing it out and it bit me on the hand and was hanging on for dear life.